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Palmyra Atoll Flag

Palmyra Atoll Flag
Flag of Palmyra Atoll
Palmyra Atoll flags for displaying indoors or out.
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Palmyra Atoll

Palmyra Atoll Background

The Kingdom of Hawaii claimed the atoll in 1862, and the US included it among the Hawaiian Islands when it annexed the archipelago in 1898. The Hawaii Statehood Act of 1959 did not include Palmyra Atoll, which is now privately owned by the Nature Conservancy. This organization is managing the atoll as a nature preserve. The lagoons and surrounding waters within the 12 nautical mile US territorial seas were transferred to the US Fish and Wildlife Service and were designated a National Wildlife Refuge in January 2001.

Palmyra Atoll Economy

no economic activity

Palmyra Atoll Location

Oceania, atoll in the North Pacific Ocean, about half way between Hawaii and American Samoa

Palmyra Atoll Flag

the flag of the US is used

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